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About Caricature Artist RUSS &

Cartoona Matata Caricature Entertainment

Have you ever felt like you were BORN to do something? Russ knew he was destined to be a Caricature Artist!

​​Russ was in middle school getting in trouble for not paying attention while he doodled on his homework. He always had a love and passion for drawing and making people laugh but just did it for fun until he turned 50 and decided to go for his dreams of making his passion a business. 

His theory: "I have to get old but I don't have to grow up." He makes it his mission to bring joy and entertainment to all aspects of life but especially to Cartoona Matata and all of his clients. 

If he's not drawing, he's at his favorite place in the world, Disney of course, with his wife Nell. 

He created Cartoona Matata as a way to use his amazing talents in a positive way to make people smile and give a gift they'll cherish forever.

As a family-man & father, It's Russ' mission to provide a NO WORRIES experience that he would expect for his own family.